Version Tracker.NET v 1.0 released

Published 1/26/2009 by Henry in C#

Today I released Version Tracker.NET v 1.0. It's a tool that simplifies version management in large solutions. This release only supports C#, but who knows, if someone asks for VB.NET (or another language) to be supported by Version tracker, maybe I will do it.
It is a WPF application, I had not worked with WPF, only Silverlight. I had a lot of fun experimenting and discovering the parts of WPF I needed for this app.

Version Tracker.NET
Version Tracker.NET

I learnt about Templates, Styles, Model-View-ViewModel and on the other side: Solution files, Project files and AssemblyInfo.cs files.
It was so much fun, I am going to try to put more features in Version Tracker.NET and maybe create another tool that's useful.

Quick download links

You can install it through ClickOnce installment or simply download the install.

Click to install Version Tracker.NET v 1.0 through ClickOnce deployment                           Click to download  Version Tracker.NET v 1.0 setup

Pick the ClickOnce deployment version if you always want the latest version, ClickOnce will tell you when a new version is available, pick the setup download if you do not need the latest version as soon as it is available and these features are all you need.

This version (v 1.0) is free for download, if you want the sourcecode drop me a line, you are free to use it, but you must mention me as the original author.

My thoughts exactly...
Henry Cordes

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