Published 1/26/2008 by Henry in ASP.NET

While I changed the bloggingengine for this blog from dasBlog to subText some time ago (because I wanted SQL server support instead of XML Files), a fellow developer pointed me to

My main reason for wanting to change this fast again is that in my opinion is the best option at this moment in time. It provides XML and SQL Server support through the provider model, so a new datasource is easily integrated. I think because it has not been around that long it's foundation is pure ASP.NET 2.0. has learned from the mistakes that dasBlog, subText etc. have made.
In software development projects sooner or later we always come for the choice: 'Are we going on on this path, or are we going to built from scratch?'. I think that is a good example that it sometimes can be rewarding to start all over.

Anyway I moved to so now I have tag support and a new layout once more. is available on Codeplex.

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