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Published 8/15/2005 by hendaman

In Crystal Reports Server XI it is possible to schedule reports. Also users can be given rights to browse reports and run them ad hoc. The problem is that datasources are defined in the binary .rpt file. If you don's use Business Views it is not possible to define a datasource at a higher level. In the Management Console it is possible to change the datasource for a report, but in reality this does not always work and a nasty 'dataconnector error' is the result, instead of a report.

The workaround we found is to change the 'hosts file' on the developing machine. The 'hosts file' can be found in '<WINDIR>\System32\etc', (<WINDIR> stands for the directory where Windows is installed "C:\WINDOWS"). In the 'hosts file' IP-Adresses are being pointed to hostnames, so the (local) machine knows which IP-Adress to look for if we use the hostname.

Example:          # sourceserver              # x clienthost        localhost

In the hosts file we changed the developing SQL Server instance IP- adres in the production SQL Server instance name.
If on the development network the SQL Server instance name is "Develop" with ip adress and in production the SQL Server instance name is "Production\Instance" than we would add this in the hosts file:        Production\Instance

This way the names are the same as on the production machine and the reports work without having to change the datasource.
I realize this is a work around, but we were happy we found it, because the only other way we could think of was installing a SQL Server instance with the production names.

Henry Cordes
My thoughts exactly...

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